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National Labor Relations Board October Massacre.
AFL-CIO is planning rally’s across the country on or around November 15th to protest the NLRB’s October Massacre.

October Massacre – Over 60 decisions have been handed down by the NLRB in the last two months, all most all undercut current workers rights. These are the three worst ones.

The first undercuts the card check procedure. It requires the employer to post a notice and allows for the decertification process to start within 45 days regardless of the progress of negotiations. Right-to-Work groups are showing up at the work site to instigate the decertification process as soon as the card check is reported to the NLRB.

The board has withdrawn all worker protections from employees accused of being “salts”. You could be denied your rights if you show up for an interview wearing a union hat or shirt.

Another one is the restriction of back pay awards. The burden has been placed on the employee to prove they have been actively seeking employment while awaiting resolution to their case. Employees who were walking a picket line for two weeks would not be entitled to back pay for those two weeks because they were on the picket line and therefore not actively seeking employment.

The AFL-CIO believes the NLRB is trying to weaken the labor movement as much as they can so we will not be as effective in the 2008 elections.

It is vital that we have an aggressive campaign on the streets to show we are not going to take it anymore!
The AFL-CIO is attempting to arrange to have a hearing scheduled on Capitol Hill that day.

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